Think Green, Go Green With Your Home

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Whenever we are tuned in to news, we hear about extreme weather conditions in many parts of the world: heavy rains in some, droughts in others, flooding, landslides, thunderstorms and more unpleasant news items that show severe changes in climates and weather conditions all over the world. These changes are brought about by many reasons, foremost of which is the alarming incidence of global warming affecting countries and its people. We now find it difficult to accurately predict the weather conditions in the coming days, the same way we can no longer expect dry months to be dry all throughout, or continuously rainy during the supposed wet season.

green homes

Not only are we troubled by these abruptly changing and highly unpredictable weather conditions, we are likewise facing serious issues concerning fuel shortage, scarcity of resources, and the dangers of non-renewable sources of energy to the environment. There is indeed cause for alarm whenever we think about what lies ahead for future generations, considering these problems we now face and which will have worse impact on them.

It is about time we commit to doing our share in preventing further damage to the environment, and in finding means and methods to effect energy conservation in the best way we can. Where better to start but in our own homes, which is our sanctuary, where we start and end our basic activities day in and day out.

Mother Earth’s message is loud and clear: we are now in dire need of these “green” homes, for environment-friendly homes and eco-friendly abodes not only for ourselves but in contemplation of future generations – our children, future grandchildren and descendants. It will also pay to train your kids as early as possible, on how to best care for the environment beginning with practices in your own home, for them to understand the value of intergenerational responsibility at an early age. If you know where to find resources and reliable sources of both information and tools, it is possible have homes under a manageable budget.

Go green, literally. It is easy to start and maintain home garden with all the greens and colours in between (flowers, fruits, veggies even) if you have the space. However, some home owners, especially those in the urban areas, have limited space. This should not be a hindrance though, because there are lots of ways by which you can maintain green areas in your homes whether by windowsills, in rooftops, or even in your veranda. Not only will these areas be adorned with plants, they will likewise definitely serve as a good breathing space, a de-stress hub where you can sip some coffee, read a good book or simply take a moment in.

Find home improvements that matter. The criteria now is no longer just limited on aesthetics or ornamentation, it is best that there be some function and eco-friendliness stamped all over it. Think sun awnings and roller shutters, great examples of home improvements that will benefit both your family and the environment. Sun awnings serve as protection from the sun’s rays’ direct heat, and will surely provide a cooler atmosphere for your homes. You may keep windows open to let natural breeze come in, hence lessening your usage of air conditioners and electric energy. By using less air conditioning you do contribute to the betterment of the environment because that translates further to a reduction of your carbon footprint. Isn’t that just great? With roller shutters, on the other hand, you provide your home protection against wind and rain without opting for altogether shut windows which would require additional lighting and air conditioning, instead of natural light and air. Although it is also good to be converting to solar or wind power as renewable sources of energy, they tend to be very costly and not suitable for those under a tight budget. With these other alternatives, you can work toward a green home without getting a big chunk out of your allotted budget which may be spent instead for other worthwhile and more functional improvements.

Think green, go green with your homes. It is only a matter of good sense and creativity, and a total love for Mother Earth.

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