Life in the Fast Lane

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Technology has continuously evolved through the years. If you were born in the 90s, you probably think that life looked so simple back then, because people get easily contented with what they have. Then, the new millennium arrived and everything changed.

In year 2000 to 2005, iPods and laptops have gradually made a global mark on the industry led by the famous brands; Apple and HP. Kids in high school started bringing such gadgets as substitutes for pens, papers and textbooks.

For cellular phones, Apple’s first version of the iPhone was launched in 2007. Almost everyone still craves for the updated version until now. For the young professionals, they are very eager to get their hands on the iPad. It is very useful in work and an excellent means of entertainment where Angry Birds and Temple run are played as sustained by the ever-expanding Internet. Of course, other competitors like Samsung and Nokia also made their own versions with extra features as opposed to Apple.


At this time and age, activities have become more demanding, people are always on-the-go. Because of their busy schedules, they rely more on their gadgets for faster and relevant information consumption.


Since population, workload and other necessities increase, signal and connection coverage widen. Technology in the presence of social networking sites has successfully bridged the gap between families and friends that are geographically separated.

Cost Efficiency

Technology also improves lives as it somehow lessens the amount of daily expenses. An example of this is online shopping where customers select items on their computer screens without leaving their houses and worrying the transportation fee.

Job Availability

Nowadays, searching for the right career is easier because one can submit application forms online. There are even home-based jobs for those who can’t leave their families and are duty-bound or for other reasons.

Although technological evolution has its advantages, it also has disadvantages, such as its effect on consumerism where almost everything is reduced to its mere material value. These days kids rarely get involved in a healthy and active lifestyle for they would rather stay indoors to watch movies or play video games.

While technology has made long-distant friends closer, it has made relatives emotionally apart. Families may be physically together under one roof but you would rarely see them talk to one another during the day. They are too busy doodling and playing on their gadgets.

Technology brought significant improvements in the lives of many but don’t forget to take time to relax and break away from them. Spend some moments with family and friends. Do outdoor activities together and exercise. Get out there and be involved. Technology should never a hindrance. It should be be an instrument of unity.


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