10 Smart Lessons Parents Should Teach Their Daughter

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Admittedly, with the fast altering world, parents nowadays are faced with some real confronts on handling their kids. In fact, according to a research, one-fifth of parents consider themselves not prioritizing their children enough. Work scheme is the main reason of this confession. Over a third of parents are struggling to toggle off from work mode system when they are in their abode. Parents today have just 30 minutes of time to dedicate to their children per night because of other activities including excessive work and household chores to finish. This is alarming because parents should have the full responsibility to play a big part to their kid’s everyday experiences.

Smart Lessons
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As we move from one generation to the next, the traditional culture of giving some valuable advice and lessons to our kids especially to your daughters are becoming in subside spectrum. In the parenting dictionary, ‘busy’ should not be part of the modern vocabulary. Keep in mind that despite of your other responsibilities as parents and as an individual, you can still reconnect with your children in a span of 12 minutes, a new study reveals. Switch those 12 minutes properly by teaching smart values your daughter will take and thank for on their future years.

The Left And Right

The Left And Right
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As parents, the initial lesson we usually teach our daughter that is difficult to understand easily is the left and right scheme. Though similar to push and pull, our daughter tends to forget these two things instantly. The left and right in this write-up don’t only focus on teaching the direction but instead the value of right and wrong. As early as possible, communicate to your kids the differences of these two things and why they should always go to the right line of attack. Segregate and carve up samples for them to easily understand things in one perspective. Starting with this system in mind helps you to actually make your daughter on the accurate track.

Socialize To Connect

Socialize To Connect
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The next values you need to edify to your daughter is to socialize with others. Good thing, according to studies, girls are more attuned to the sound of human voices. Meaning, girls are more likely to become easily engaged with others. Though, this may be true, it is still essential for parents to keep a hand on teaching them how to socialize. You can give them some clever tips on how to start small talks with their friends and what words they should use for their conversation. Instill to your daughter’s mind that she should not only limit her circle of friends to girls but also to boys of her age. This allows your daughter to debunk the old stereotype of making friends with only the same gender.

The Value And Limitation Of Play

No doubt that one way to communicate and socialize your daughter with others is by letting them play at the same setting like playground. The growth of technology somehow hinders the opportunity for these modern kids to play. Always remember that play is as imperative as milk for growing brains. It empowers children to tap into their inner self that electronic games will and could not. Encourage your kids to get fit through playing. Set some rules and teach them the main benefits and limitation of play. You might also want to consider giving them the gift of free play.

Be A Money Genius

Introduce your daughter to financial concept. As they say, parents should teach their kids smart financial habits. According to T. Rowe Price’s 2014 Parents, Kids & Money Survey, boys and girls are not equally groomed when it comes to learning money matters at home. In point of fact, boys report having more money conversation with their parents compared to girls, causing them to become smarter about money with 45% in figures. The value of teaching your daughter about money matters is electrifying and helpful that’s why educating them in this element is vital.

Start the lesson by explaining what value money can give to her and where it really comes from. Continue the session by educating her to save. No doubt, your daughter wants a doll or two this holiday and by saving money, it can be in reality. Motivate her to use a notebook or computer to keep track of her money. Merely knowing how this works is a big stride forward in your child’s money management skills.

It Is Okay To Become Imperfect

Girls in their growing years tend to become more sensitive and spectator of their selves. This is crucial because the stereotype which Barbie dolls bring us is so faultless that makes it the basis of what beauty is. Empower your daughter’s mind that they are beautiful in so many significant ways and that everyone has the beauty to be proud of.

Green Is Oh So Cool

Green Is Oh So Cool
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The up-to-the-minute lesson every parent should take into consideration for their daughters is the “more-to-green” workout. The benefits of green movement might not be new to you. But for them, it is fresh and a must-taught element. Nature and kids interaction can equip not only with the cognitive aspect but also the social behavior of your kids. A resounding study suggests that nature playground or the nature playing can subside bullying and any infantile violence.

Share, Care

Share and Care
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It is expected for kids in their growing awareness years to become possessive and introducing the art and value of sharing might be quite complex. As they presume, selfishness comes before sharing. Don’t force your daughter to share immediately. Instead, create an environment that will stir up your daughter to want to share. Become an example of generosity. What your daughter perceives is what she does as well. And lastly, give them also the opportunities to share. Next thing you know, they will be the one who will teach the concept of sharing to other children.

To Read And To Tell Stories

Read And Tell Stories
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Reading is of importance for kids particularly on the early stage. Bunch of studies have shown that kids who are exposed to reading on their early years are more likely to do well in their formal education. But though this is indeed accurate, a new study also suggests that you should not only read to your kids, instead read with them and let them tell stories on their own. By doing this, it will not only empower their reading skills but also their creative thinking on reconstructing and creating moving narratives.

Respect And Honesty Solely

If you’re able to mold your daughter to become respectful and honest, so many other good character traits will follow in accordingly. The grandest way to encourage honesty is by being honest also to yourself. You can also construct punishments depending on the level of dishonesty they will create. Another thing to make this happen is by not overreacting if your child lies. Examine everything first. Tell your daughter that respect is gained if they are honest enough in all aspects.

To Be Themselves

To Be Themselves
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Of the many lessons that you can teach your daughter, this could be one of the most essential. Teach your kids to be themselves. To express their feelings on the right attitude and right timing. To accept their weaknesses and disappointments in life and move on. To do things even when they’re petrified. To be who they wanted to be. As parents, you want your daughter to know that she should never – ever – let societal assumptions and judgments change who they really are.

So despite of that work-proclaimed busy schedule, make time to teach your kids these lessons because you’ll never know how these can affect the totality of their being. Admit it or not, though the reason behind those sleepless nights is your kids, nothing is more precious than your loving lessons and affirmative and helpful words.


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